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Related post: Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2003 21:06:00 -0700 (PDT) From: Will Anderson Subject: Remembering GeneCHAPTER 1 - THE TRUE youngs teenes ******** PART OF MY STORYWhen I was 17, I still lived with my parents in a major midwestern city. I had gotten a pretty good job between high little young 16 school and my first year at college. And I found myself temporarily without girlfriend since young girls kiddie she'd already left early for college. My employer was located near downtown, which required a commute first by bus, then by commuter train. At that stage in my horny adolescence my hormones were raging, and I masturbated constantly while free young nubiles envisioning all sorts of sexual fantasies in my mind. I even had a pair very young nonude of panties from my girlfriend, that pass youngporn forum she'd actually worn (they smelled wonderful). I jacked off with these quite often in her absence. 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I fantasized about things like.......jacking off one of my friends and watching him cum, getting fucked by my old little league coach, etc. Eventually, my thoughts became horney young virginpics bolder, and I imagined being molested by our priest one illegal young photo evening after catechism. I was an alter boy, and I used to masturbate in the church men's room fantasizing that it was Father russian young jocks Carl's hand jacking me off. I had heard the stories about priests and young boys too. I also masturbated thinking about the times when all of the 11-15yo boy scouts used to young black lesbian line up just before summer camp and, one-at-a-time, we would stand in front of a doctor who would drop our pants and underpants, put his finger young gymnasts beneath our nudists young toplist balls and ask us to cough, checking for hernia. I imagined young spank our young little illegal scoutmaster standing next to the doctor with a visible bulge in his pants, watching all the boy's penis', then taking me aside into the next bedroom, laying me on the bed, pulling my pants down and sucking me off until I came in his mouth. I also fantasized about my girlfriend's mother giving me a lecture on not going too far with her daughter, then demonstrating safe sex by masturbating me. I never lacked for imaginative fantasies with which to beat off. But young preeteen girls this was only solitary fun, and I longed for more. Anyway, now that I've set the scene, back to the original point of the story. And it actually happened just the way cum on young I'm describing it.One day I was standing at my appointed corner waiting for the bus, which was invariably late. It was maybe 5 degrees outside that day. I was stomping around trying to keep warm when a nice shiney white Pontiac convertible with a light blue top stopped at the light. There was a nice looking guy in his late 30's driving, dressed in a suit and tie. Anyone over 30 seemed old to me at the time. He photography nude young looked over at me, rolled down his power window and illegal young incest said, "You look cold kid. Can I give you a lift. It's a lot warmer in here." (or words to that effect). I teen young kiddy hesitated a bit, then decided to take him up his inviting offer. We introduced ourselves - his name younger modles was Gene (and I'll be damned if can remember his last name). He worked extrem young sex at one young pics russian of the major banks downtown as a little schoolgirls young Loan VP. As it turned out, we also took the same commuter train, so we struck up an instant friendship on our way to work that day. He said that he drove by that bus stop every day about that same time, so why didn't I just ride with him and save the bus fare. It sounded like a porn girl young good plan to me....plus I was really getting off on his neat car (as any 17 year-old boy would).And the next petite young boys morning....there was Gene in his shiney new Pontiac, just as he said he'd be. I don't think he ever let that car get dirty. youngest porn girl That day we also arranged young thai nudist to take the same train home in the afternoon, so he gave me a ride both ways. After that, it became a regular routine every work day, and we became good commuting buddies.At that age, it never occurred to me that dirty young whores Gene might have ulterior motives for the cute teenage boy he was now squiring to and from the train station in his fancy car. I was somewhat clueless back then, but I nevertheless I started including Gene in my masturbation fantasies (as I'm sure he did with me). I expect this could have been a bit of a turning point in my sexual orientation, but I didn't realize it at the time.Commuting with Gene was very pleasant, and I started liking him more and more. sweet young incest It turns out that he was single, still living with his folks, but he also had a house in the trendy Old Town section near downtown that he owned with a "friend". His "friend" was Mark - a decorator for the major department store. young sex children They used to vacation in Provincetown on very young ladies Cape Cod. Did I young black girls pick up porno young beyond on any of this, duh? Hell no. But the fact that I was jacking off a lot fantasizing about Gene probably gave me my first clue.After a few weeks, Gene said he had to work late one evening, and asked if I would like underground young pussy to join him for dinner later at this really upscale restaurant young pre xxx that little russian young I'd heard of, but felt I could never afford....his treat. young littls nude I was quite flattered. I thought about it for all of 2 seconds, and agreed. So, young photofree illegal that afternoon instead of catching my train southbound, I took it the other way young asian lesbian to downtown. And there was handsome Gene, waiting for me young xxx sluts on the train platform in his black Vicuna topcoat and white silk scarf. I reached out to shake his hand, but he gave me a big hug instead - which seemed Neil young brain perfectly natural. He said that we maybe ought to stop by his youngboys are naked Old Town place, so I could meet Mark, and young porn forum change clothes for nubile young russian the evening.We took a cab to Old Town. His house was young sex force charming...a little cottage tucked behind a picket fence, and beautifully maintained. Of course the interior was decorator perfect, as was Mark when I met him. He gave me a hug too, and said that he'd heard a lot about me kiddy young porn from Gene....and now that he'd seen me he agreed that it was all true (young Will is still sort of clueless here but somewhat hopeful way down deep that something might come of this). Mark had prepared Mimosas (sp?), which is Champagne & Orange Juice, youngest girl pussy which he served in tall fluted stemware with a sprig of mint, on a beautiful silver tray. We sipped and talked for awhile. Then Gene said, "Okay, the two of us have to get going if we're going to make our dinner young hard porn reservation.He ushered me into his young nymphs tgp bedroom, and said, "Okay, you're about my size. Let's see what we can come up with for you to wear tonight. Here, take off your shirt and young sluts 12yo pants." I stripped down to my t-shirt and white cotton underpants. He asked my sizes, then held a pair of dark slax up to sexy young teenagers my waist. He said something like, "These look to be about the right length." As he did this, I was aware that his hand managed to nn candid young graze, ever so slightly, across the front of my underpants. I recall that he patted me on the ass playfully as he said, "Okay, go try these on." During this whole young porn vids exercise, I found myself sex young 16 getting a little aroused, which young legal nude I think may have showed beneath my white briefs. chunky young pussy I young looking teens found myself a little embarrassed. free young japanes He didn't say anything, but I'm sure he must have noticed the growing bluge. I dressed in his stuff, and it seemed young nudism girls to fit perfectly.The two of us departed, and had a very memorable five-star dinner. The restaurant was everything I expected. We must have looked like father/son or uncle/nephew. Gene seemed to know the waiter, so he ordered me a cocktail, even tho I was underage. The waiter didn't seem to mind. After our delightful repast, we took a cab back to the cottage. Once younger ass inside, we took off our shoes and relaxed in front of a nice blazing hearth that Mark had prepared for us before he retired (conveniently). Johnny Mathis played on the stereo. Gene remarked, "Why don't you just spend the night rather than take the late train home at this hour?" Made sense to me, so I called my parents, and told them I'd be staying with a friend and wouldn't be home Gregg young chevy that night, and not to worry."Good, then let's get comfy before turning in" Gene suggested. He led me into the bedroom again, where he disrobed down to only his briefs, then put of a plush velvet bathrobe. nudist pic young I found myself staring at the bulge in the front of his underpants, and I think he was aware of this. young sluts horny I was now starting to young imgboard cgi get it, and the cocktails sex youngest girls before young porno island and after dinner had put me in a very mellow mood. Gene watched as I undressed back down to my underpants, took his clothes and hung them up, then gave me a robe to wear. We adjourned back to the living room in front young piss of the fire. We had more cocktails, and I found I was getting a too young porn little giddy. It had been a perfect evening so far.I could feel an erection starting to rise in my underpants beneath my robe as I sat there in my armchair facing Gene. I think I was having the same lusty thoughts as I'm sure he was having at that moment. He and I had never even approached the topic of sex, or desires, etc. in all those weeks we'd very youngest porngallery gotten to know each other. For certain, I was much, much too shy and reticent to bring it up, even tho I felt I was ready to succumb to any advance he might make. As we talked, I thought about how it turned me on when girl's would young amateur index inadvertantly sit in a way with youngest legal toplist their knees up and you could get a peek up their dress and see their underpants. I shifted the way I was sitting, and assumed a postion where I was hugging my knees, giving Gene a view of the crotch of my underpants up my robe. I wasn't young porn newsgroup tits little young sure whether he could see that I now had a hardon or not. He just kept on chatting, and I thought I noticed young boys nonnude his gaze shift slightly. I'm sure that he was thinking - how nice it would be to have sex with this handsome young lad, but this could really be trouble if he freaked out at any advances I might make. And petite young girl this kid was jail bait, for sure.The conversation went on to all Double slit young sorts of topics...nothing sensual at all. I was expecting him to broach the subject of sex, but he didn't. Now that I think back on it, I suspect that he must have been just as nervous and hesitant to make any indecent proposal, for too younger porn fear that I would be offended, get turned off. I was definitely ready, but he didn't know that. And nude youngest teens I was too nervous to young phedophilia cunt bring it up myself. I was tempted to excuse myself, go into the bathroom, and masturbate. I did go to the bathroom briefly to take a leak, and I vividly remember that there was a round tilt-mirror sitting on the toilet tank, and it was angled perfectly so young teens porn you had a perfect view of your penis as you young latina teens stood there peeing. I thought that was pretty erotic. young hairy legs I jacked off a lot in front of mirrors then petite young escorts - still do.Finally, Gene suggested that we retire. As we rose, it occurred to him that there was only one bedroom. forbidden young He said, mature vs young "Why don't I take the hide-a-bed here in the living room, and you can have my bed." I wasn't about to put him out of his bed and replied, "No, let me take the sofa." We wavered back and forth, then he young virgins tgp suggested the idea of sleeping together in his bed.....if I didn't mind. I was delighted, and felt blood rush to my cock. I young nudes thumbs was trying to figure out how I was going to hide my embarrassing erection. That was solved when Gene turned out the lights (he may have known, and was being sensitive to my dilemma).So there we were....the two of us, in just our underpants, in bed together. Nothing subtle about that scenario - even for my adolescent brain. I always sleep young hot girl in my underwear on the left side of the bed, and that night was young illegal nude no exception. After we said our goodnights, I curled up with my back to Gene. Pretty soon I felt him cuddling up next to me, with his arm wrapped around my stomach, young porn adolescent his face was nuzzled against my neck. My mind was racing with what would happen next. We stayed like that for quite awhile, with neither of us moving or talking. I pretended to doze off, but my mind was racing, and my rock-hard erection was still throbbing, just a very young girlssexe few inches from Gene's hand resting on my stomach. I really wanted to get off.IN REALITY...THAT'S HOW THE EVENING ENDED (WHAT A free young childporn BUMMER FOR BOTH OF US), PROBABLY BECAUSE BOTH OF US WERE TOO FEARFUL OF REJECTION OR OF RUINING A RELATIONSHIP. asian young nudes WE BOTH JUST FELL ASLEEP, youngest nudism pics AND NOTHING EVER HAPPENED.HOWEVER, THE THOUGHT OF WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN HAS BEEN THE SOURCE OF MANY OF MY MASTURBATION FANTASIES SINCE - LIKE THIS ONE.... See Chapter Two
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